Titles in 2017

Published in February

Excerpt from Fairie Lights and Empty Houses:

“I am twenty-two years old, and I am still afraid of the dark.

I say this because I have never really known true darkness before.

This is the moment I was referring to earlier, where I begin to understand that I have never truly known the night until now. Nobody in the city knows what darkness truly is. Light finds its way into the unlikeliest of places, as long as you stay within the civilization grid. It is ever determined to be the hero, wielding itself like a sword against the night, shining its rays upwards and outwards to press away the sky. Billboards, signs above shops, streetlights, traffic lights, little lawn lights… Everything conspires to take back the day, even when it is the night’s turn to roam.”

In December 2016, my brother and I walked 120 kilometres across the Bruce Peninsula (Ontario, Canada). This was our first time winter camping. A collection of thoughts, meditations, and, sparingly, advice (hah, look at me pretending to know stuff), Fairie Lights and Empty Houses takes the reader along for the journey.

There are several good how-to guidebooks or accounts from seasoned winter travelers out there. That isn’t what this book is about. When we were preparing for this trip, I tried to find first-time accounts, but to no avail. I wanted to see what the experience was like from virgin eyes. So, this book was written with other first-timers in mind; maybe I wasn’t the only one who wanted to read an experience from a peer, rather than a professional. This book thanks all those who helped us along on our journey, and hopefully encourages anyone who’s been holding themselves back from truly and fully enjoying the winter, with all its riches, to get outside sooner rather than later.

“We were city children finally in the countryside, and here, we could just be children.”

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